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    Hi All,

    I’ve had a really tough few days just when I think my ex can’t do anymore to hurt me or the kids for that matter; he lets off another grenade! The clues in the title – only after a month of myself getting clarity on his new relationship he now wants to introduce my 4 and 7 year old to he new partner but only as daddy’s new friend 🙁

    My children only found out a few days ago that daddy’s not coming home which obviously was extremely upsetting for them both, sadly this was a conversation I did by myself with the children. I honestly feel that introducing someone new into their lives so soon after they have just found out their daddy is not coming home is just too much but my ex thinks otherwise sadly 🙁

    I know there is nothing I can do and I just feel so sad, frustrated and powerless and also extremely angry at my exes lack of care and understanding of our children’s feeling, and also how this could really confuse them too. My ex just seems to have blinkers on and is being very selfish and is definitely only thinking of his needs and wants. I just don’t know this person anymore and I can’t understand why he would insist on doing this to our children so soon.

    Sorry i’m just venting as it’s been an extremely confusing difficult few days.



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    Hey- I had a similar thing last year- my ex of 12 years, after only 4 months of us splitting up, WAS going to introduce his new gf to our 5 kids- I was absolutely fumin because I knew it was not anything serious- I had already had the text like ‘the kids are gonna love **** she’s so better than you- etc blah blah blah MEH!!!! BUT instead of letting him know I was pissed off I was the opposite- infact I encouraged it a bit coz I knew he was only doing it to see if I react- safe to say he was only with the women 4 weeks after that then he broke up with her 🤣- sooo sad- but my advice, try and play it cool as the kids will see that mums not the one causing problems- try and put yourself in the kids shoes and see it like that- I have and still have now so many things that daddy does or doesn’t do that pisses me right off but I’ve learnt to just ignore it- hope this helps a bit- just my opinion from my recent experience- hope it helps xx

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    Hi dear,

    My ex introduced his new partner to my child, without my knowledge… I got to know about it in the recent court proceedings.

    My guess my child was a toddler when she was introduced to this new ‘woman’; as she wasn’t able to express properly, she and eventually I, had a turbulent ride. It affected my dynamics with my LO and I couldn’t understand – what’s going on. Since my learning from court, I initiated open discussion with my little one in simple sentences. After that, it changed our dynamics completely. Now my LO understands what to expect.

    My suggestion is – please explain your children that whatever happens, u r their mum and that never changes. You are always there for communication and support. This is a difficult one, no doubt. However, this will bring the reality check to ur children.



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