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    Hey so I’m a single mum of 2 beautiful boys, my oldests dads never been in his life and my youngests dad has him 2-3 nights a week, he’s recently asked for 50/50 from aged 18 months but he’s planning on moving an hour from me and this will effect quite a few things, the biggest thing being school, he’s only 13 months so its obviously ages away but I want him to go to school with his big brother and he’s pretty much saying no that he gets a  choice in the school as well, but its not practical to expect me to do school runs to two different schools and he wants him at a school closer to where he will be living but that’s obviously not going to work for me, he says oh you can just put my oldest in before and after school clubs but they aren’t free and why should the boys have longer days because he’s decided to move, he said oh no his schools too far from mine he will be tired from the drive but every school not far from me is 50 min drive from the area he wants to move to, also alot of the time he’s at his he’s actually with either his mum or his gf as he’s a postman working 6 days a week and he’s being shipped from pillar to post between these two people for child care, I initially said yes to 50//50 but have really thought about it and it really will not work in this situation m, I’ve got mediation booked, but the thought of court and telling him no to 50/50 is causing me so much stress and anxiety, do I have a good case? So worried

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    due to the child’s age I think it’s unlikely court will grant 50/50, and because he lives further away and won’t be able to do school runs during the week. If he insists on working 6 days a week, then court will probably give him standard every other weekends, fri-sun, and possibly him seeing child for few hours mid-week, if he’s available for that.

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    Hi HuntyGirl1995, I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Our  single parent helpline will be able to explain more about this process.  Please call (freephone) on 0808 802 0925, opening hours Mon 10-6, Tues 10-4, Wed 10-1, 5-7,  Thursday and Friday 10-4.


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    I have this with my ex and it is a coercive controlling thing he does.

    When I went to court I tried mediation and ended up agreeing to 2 nights a week plus alternate weekends. I was still living with him and putting up with daily shouting.

    This was not want I wanted and now granted I am stuck with it.

    Make sure you stick to what you want and what you think is best for your family.

    You can represent yourself in court but I had a barrister attend the last hearing. Still cost £1.5k but cheaper than a solicitor. You can also have a mckenzie friend in court for moral support.

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    Also when you apply to the school you will use your address and allocation will be based on what is nearest to you. They will take into account the sibling.

    It is not unreasonable to say they shouldn’t go to different schools.


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    A dad moving away from his child over a hour away will not get him 50-50 contact. This will actually more than likely reduce contact.

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