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    Anyone elses ex want to be friends? I told him don’t see how we can be as its not like we are going to be spending time together other than when our child is going between our homes. This appears to have annoyed him so he has blocked me on social media, apparently I can’t have it both ways? If we are just friendly we do not hear about each others lives – mature response…! Anyone else experience this? I guess he can mingle with the ladies easier if I am blocked (he only has our daughter 2 nights a week so lots of free time). Am I wrong in saying we can’t be friends? I just don’t get where he is coming from other than it would ease his guilt at ending the marriage or something? So much drama 🙄

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    It is a double edged sword.  Amicability is always good.  To me friendship has a specific definition… And it’s certainly not Facebook’s.  It would be worth asking him how he defines it.  What does he expect from this friendship?



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    Thanks welshdad I probably do need to ask him for his definition as I view it all differently I suspect.


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    I am going through a similar thing. Ex wants to be friends, to call me up and basically he has said I am the villain as I want minimal communication.

      <li style=”text-align: left;”>However, when I do try an olive branch, he gets angry, name calls me and basically verbally shreds me so block him unless the kids are with him. Blocking, knowing ge can’t communicate with me make a me feel safer!
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    It depends what he means.

    I am “friendly” with my ex, in that we generally don’t argue, we will occasionally ask the other to swap childcare days and I’ll send on pictures of our son getting a school award.

    But absolutely no further because the ex always tries to take advantage in various ways.

    Your ex’s reaction suggests he wanted something specific. So be polite, be cheerful and be immovable 🤔

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    Thanks Kathymumofone. Friendly is the realistic option for exes I think..  I will stand my ground and be polite like you say 🙂

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    Sunday girl

    my daughters dad and I get on well or should I say we do if I’m dancing to his tune. I’d say you can be polite and friendly for your child’s sake but not friends.

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