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    I apologise for the long rant in advance!

    I have a two year old son. My son’s father has started taking recreational drugs (mostly cocaine) again after we split up. I know he sold it as well briefly, over the Christmas period, however he says he has stopped this now (and I don’t think he is in touch with his supplier anymore- his sister’s ex boyfriend)

    It’s not a rough town but it’s very normalised here to take cocaine and he makes me feel as though it shouldn’t be an issue for me that he does it.

    I  do believe he mostly does it at weekends and I am sure he does not take it when he sees our son. He has mostly supervised (by his mum, who is great) access to our son. He only tends to have him on his own during car journeys or if he’s bringing him home for bed and I’m not back yet. I do believe my son is safe whilst with him and would do everything to safeguard him if I didn’t think so.

    We are currently waiting for our joint mediation appointment.

    My problem is that I work on a Saturday, because he works Monday-Friday and I don’t have any other childcare options. It was agreed that he would have him on Saturdays. I have already changed my hours once for him as he wasn’t being reliable enough and he said this would work better.

    However, despite telling me that he is going to stop taking drugs, almost every weekend he will go out on a Friday night, stay up most of the night and take cocaine and then show up (or not!) to collect our son.

    Yesterday he showed up 35 minutes late, told me he was in no fit state to have him and then fell asleep on my bed. His car stunk of alcohol and there was an open can of lager in the cup holder.

    I do not feel comfortable leaving our son with him whilst he is doing this, however I have no other childcare options for work and I can’t afford to lose my job. (I didn’t leave him with him yesterday, I just missed the day at work).

    I don’t know what to do, I’d love to be able to not have to rely on him for work, but until our son starts nursery in September I feel like I have no choice.

    Also what are my legal options? Do I have any power here? I’m so tired of him walking all over me! I do want to encourage their relationship because I want the best for my son and he adores his dad, however I just don’t know what to do!

    Thanks for reading if you got this far! I can’t think of a tldr as I think it all factors into it! Sorry! 😂

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