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    Hi all,

    3 months ago my, now ex, partner had a mental health crisis and left. Things hadn’t be great for a while but we were moving towards finding somewhere to live together (we lived very close to one another but not together and spent most of our time together). When he left he explained to our 5yo daughter that he was going away to get better and once he was well he would come home. We broke up 3 weeks after he went to stay at his parent’s house. I had to tell her he wasn’t coming home. He now lives 4 hours away and sees the children once a month. The last visit he had over Christmas he took the children to his parent’s house where he now lives. I had a text message while they were there saying that he was seeing someone and they’d met the kids. When my daughter got back she told me that the woman (my daughter doesn’t know her name) stayed there all the time and she saw daddy in bed with her (she didn’t say she saw anything in particular just that she went looking for him in the night when she woke up and saw him in bed with the woman). I am absolutely gobsmacked that such a short time after leaving he not only introduced a new partner but she stayed at his parent’s house for a week.

    I guess I’m looking for words of support and advice as to how I deal with this. My children are still saying they miss their daddy and he’s gone off to a shiny new life throwing a new woman (or potentially  a woman he cheated with) into the mix straight away. How am I supposed to cope with the heartbreak as well as comforting them through their confusion. My daughter (5) has refused to speak to her father on the phone since she got back and has said she doesn’t want to visit him at his parent’s house again.

    I am not saying anything negative about him or his new girlfriend and am meeting all of the talk of what they got up to there with curiousity and trying to keep things light even though it’s absolutely killing me. I never thought I would be a single parent and I certainly never thought the man I loved would behave so carelessly with the chilren.


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