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    Help needed.

    Looking to change my sons school but ex refusing. He hasnt been coping well with behavioural issues in current school and feel a move to smaller and well equipped school would be better.

    I have moved home last yr around 7 miles from my sons school. I am his primary carer I do all drop off and pick ups from school. In August I am leaving my job of 15yrs so my income is minimal. At the minute it is an hour drive in and out to current school with traffic and leaving in (it’s in city) if we change to local school its 5 minutes each way. I am also entitled to a travel grant for the new school as it is rural.

    My ex is still refusing the change even though he has no input into school life whatsoever (we has him 1hr mon and wed evening and overnight sat) His reasoning is he just doesn’t want to move him. I have asked him for help with Mon – Fri drop offs and pick ups to try and meet in the middle but he is refusing.

    What can I do without going to solicitor ?


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    Its my understanding, so it definitely wants checking, but being primary carer and being the only one under-seeing schooling, you don’t have to seek consent to change schools from  his father, only to keep him informed of any changes.

    Perhaps hes opposed to it because it will be inconvenient for him to pick up your son  for the hours after school midweek. Or would the moving of schools move him to  a school that is further away from the father, so just a feeling of him being further away more of the time, he may get used to when he’s had time to get used to it? Does it not look like he’s going to become more compliant?

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    Informing him about the change of school is fair if he has failed to help in the picking and droping offs.

    Parenting is all about coperation and helping each other.

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