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    Was wondering if anyone could give some advice please. My eldest daughter goes to her dad’s every other weekend. I was worried about her going to his since this virus as he still has to work but trusted that he would take the right precautions. However, he insisted she go over to his sisters house which I refused and told him that she was not allowed to be around anyone else. On another occcasion, he told me he was still going to go to the pub and that the landlord was going to let them in through the back. I told him if this happened my daughter would not be allowed round there (I have a young daughter who has had chest infections and pneumonia in the past 5 months).

    She has gone round there this weekend and I found out they have had the neighbours over in their back garden and the daughter was playing with my daughter. I’m really not happy about this and was wondering where I would stand on not sending her round there until it is safe to do so. I never wanted to be that parent that stopped my daughter from seeing her dad but I don’t know if I am in the right. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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    Difficult situation but if it would be me I would stop all contacts with dad. Due to fact he is not following guidelines. He is putting her and himself at risk meeting up with others.

    My ex is key worker living in shared accommodation. I stopped all contact because of shared accommodation and because he is key worker ( lorry driver) i feel its risk for her to catch the virus and bring it home.  He came to my house 2x and I told him off. Not necessarily.

    I suggested to Skype or video call instead. It’s not ideal situation but limiting the risk is better than taking one.



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