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    Hello Everyone


    I’m new to Gingerbread so I hope you guys can help.


    My ex partner and I split up 4 months ago. When he moved his stuff out, he took my sons passport and has refused to give it back since. When I asked for it again today, he has just told me that his mother now has it, and that she is going to hold onto it for safe keeping. This is one of a LONG list of examples of my partner being unnecessarily petty, unhelpful, and trying to be controlling and manipulative.

    The reason the passport is important is because as I am not a named person on my sons bank account, without his passport I fear I have no access to this account. This account has child benefit money from his first year that we were going to save but now I am a single parent I really need it to pay for essentials (because my partner is being less than helpful with this as well). I have now got the child benefit changed and it comes directly to me but there is money in this account that my son is entitled to and my partner is making it extremely difficult for me to get to.

    I have a generally good relationship with his mother, but I fear she is passive to the point where she enables  his narcissistic behaviour.


    What can I do? Can I call the police? She has no legal right to have that passport does she?


    I am currently trying to get my ex to go to mediation where I was hoping he might be persuaded to do the right thing and relinquish control of this.


    I feel so angry and frustrated all the time and i just want to move on with my life. Any advice would be amazing

    Thank you xxxx

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    bearing in mind that not all children have passports, could you go with your sons birth certificate and proof of your own identity and gain access to the account that way? Which of you opened the acccount? I know on my children’s  account I am named in the management of these accounts, not my ex partner (their father). There must be a way around this


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    Police and passport office take this very seriously these days – I know because when my partner left she took my passport and then said she hadn’t but it disappeared from the house when she let herself in and took all the family passports so you figure it out. I reported it as “lost or stolen” and had to report it to the police also – if you think you know where it is you should say that. The passport office can cancel it and issue a new one anyway. But in doing so you should explain what’s happened.

    As others have said, for the reason you quoted you don’t need it – but yes, in the eyes of the law it should be with the resident parent – passports like this can be sold for a fortune and the police take it seriously.

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