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    My ex-partner has provided the CMS with false income figures.  He is using self-employment and payment by dividend to make his salary income look artificially low.  He makes overpayments on his pension leaving him with less income and has given an interest in the business to his new woman.

    He also receives a large amount of payments from his clients in cash which are not accounted for.  He is a busy osteopath with a clinic in Chelsea London and has declared to the CMS his gross weekly income is £165.

    All of this to a. avoid paying tax and b. reduce his maintenance payments. I am now receiving £18 a week to bring up a 12 year old boy. I’m completely terrified of how we are going to get through each day and will have to look at food banks in order to feed ourselves.  My son is with his father for one night a month, with me the rest of the time.

    Would love to hear others’ stories and words of encouragement.  I’m finding this really distressing.

    Thank you

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    Sorry I’m not sure why the formatting is all over the place! Hope you can still read my message.

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    Thanks Jessica – will try and re-format

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    The format issue is because it’s copied and pasted, I’ve had this problem in the past. If you edit the post it should show all the span brackets and you can delete them.

    I haven’t experienced your problem regarding cms, but I do know others who have! And it seems there is very little that can be done about it.
    a friends ex sold his business to his mum for £1 and now pays himself the minimum wage, seeing as his mum now owns the business any other income is classed as hers!! Even if she draws out cash  from “her” business account to give to him to live off. All to avoid paying maintenance. How a nan can do that to grandchildren is beyond me!
    there are many loopholes with cms and self employment. They will work off what is submitted to HMRC.

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    Hi Muchan,

    Couldnt you sit down with him and explain that his son now needs to use a food bank? Not sure about him but if it was me id be utterly horrified . Is he a reasonable enough person to change his mind and give you a little more? He must have a heart somewhere as hes still capable of walking etc. See if you can find a way to get through to it?


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