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    Hello, I ve been single mom for a while now and my daughter just turned 2. When I split with her day I knew how much he was earning and knew aproximatelly how much he could pay for his daughter if earning over 3000f a month, but at the time he said that he could only give her 200f a month.

    Recently he was changing the job and was excited to tell me that he will be earning over 15f per h and working Mon-Fri. On the other ocassions he was telling me how much he s working that he doesn t have time to do shopping or washing in the week. From experience I know that as a driver he never works less than 10h per day, usually it s 12h or more really.

    So last month he told me that he can only give his daughter 100f because he doesn t have more and this month when I asked him when he can pay the rest, he said that never because he doesn t have money so I will get from him only 100f a month.

    I know that me probably earns min. of 150f a day with his job and I know he s got money but is laying. He works as a one person Ltd so his pay goes to ltd account and he has to pay himself a salary. It looks like someone advised him how the system works and that if I try to calculate child maintanance through the company, they will only scan his personal account. So he only pays himself 250f a week (1000f a month) and claims that this is what he earns. He also send money to his family abroad. How can I get help and get this lier to give his daughter what she needs? It’s so unfair that he can keep all money on his Ltd account and lies that he doesn’t have any.

    I live on my own with my daughter, she sees him on Sat-Sun and stays overnight, the rest time she is with me. I can only work on Saturdays when she is with him. I m on benefits and it’s really hard for us, 100f is very little to provide for child.

    Accountant tells me that this is how system works and I can t do anything about it but there must be a way. How can someone earning over 3000f per month lie that he can only give his child 100f?

    Can anyone help? What can I do about it? Is there any way?

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