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    I have been been scrolling through the internet trying to get advice on what seems an ever changing more complicated separation. I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this real life messy Eastenders episode and whether there is anything legally I can do to prevent my Ex’s new partner from being in my two young girls lives.  My reasons are:

    His new girlfriend is the children’s auntie and has been all their lives.

    The children have had so many changes in six months … moved twice (because my ex refused to leave the house), coming to terms with the fact that their mummy is no longer with their dad.


    the Auntie has diagnosed mental health problems

    My ex shows no remorse about his new relationship towards myself or his brother. This was an affair and I was still living with him when it started. He does not think introducing her to the girls is an ‘issue’. This is a big concern to me.


    This isn’t a revenge jealous thing, i am pleased to not be with him after years of abuse, but I am generally concerned it’s emotionally harmful to the children ( we only split 6 months ag0).

    Any help or advice would be welcomed,




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    Ps I would just like to add that their is an ongoing threat of violence to my ex from his brother. His brother has already beaten my ex up badly over this- I think this indirectly puts my children at risk.

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    If your ex has PR for his daughters, he is entitled to introduce them to whoever he wishes during his time, assuming it does not present a risk  to the girls.

    If the woman concerned has no history of criminality, drug abuse or mental health issues, then I’m not sure there is anything you or the family court can do.

    Your ex is insensitive in the extreme but he hasn’t done anything illegal.

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    Yes, that’s what I thought. Unfortunately it’s out of my control. I guess I can’t protect them from his horrible ways forever. It’s a very difficult situation. Thank you for your reply.

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    Although she does have mental health issues.. but just depression. But she did not work for a whole year because of it a year ago. But she’s on medication and back to work now, so in the courts view I’m guessing that it no longer really poses a risk?

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    How old are your daughters? If they are very young, they may not notice the new arrangement, but if they do, just say that families come in all shapes and sizes and move on. Don’t dwell on it.

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    3 & 5

    Maybe you’re right. I could be making more of it perhaps x

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