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    I have a court order in place that both myself and my ex agreed on. It states contact should be between 10am and 5pm one day every weekend.  Since the order was put in place 5 months ago my ex has only stuck to it twice and thinks its OK to pick up and bring our son home late (yesterday was 2 hours with no call or text)

    I can’t afford to go back to court so what do I do ?


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    I don’t know the background to your court case, but those timings do sound awfully restrictive. In this lovely summer weather, I won’t be able to do much with that kind of arrangement, and would be unfair on the kids. Is it possible for you to be flexible and give him more time? Are overnight stays out of the question?

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    The court order which we both agreed on went from 2 hours to 4 to 7 then eventually overnight stays when our son is comfortable.  I’ve said on a couple of occasions that an extra hour or so is ok but my ex still can’t stick to that and goes another hour beyond that with no call or text.

    I’ve said if he can stick to the order then I’m willing for us to increase the times but at the moment I don’t know when our son will be brought back which is unfair to me as I’m having to cancel prior arrangements when he turns up and drops off late.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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