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    I’m in the middle of a very acrimonious divorce caused my lies / manipulation / affairs etc.

    I moved out the family home immediately with my daughter as my ex refused to admit to the infidelity or move out of the house. I couldnt bear to deal with him and needed to heal to to save my sanity, I was the one who moved.

    We legally separated and have yet to divorce.
    I initially moved in with my mum, then into a small flat until I was able to, once again, buy my own property.

    I feel lots of guilt as a result of all the change and moves my little one has had to endure – she’s 8.
    My estranged husband has now informed me that his partner is now pregnant, she’s moving back down south for a little while and he is moving into his parents house Near me until the new house he has purchased with this woman has been built.

    This is all during coronavirus lockdown.

    I’m reluctant to let my daughter go to his parents house as they’re both over 70.

    I’m also getting distressed about the fact that this will be another 2 moves / changes (3 if you count the baby due in Oct) my little one will have to deal with, all in the space of 2yrs.

    Any advice would be welcome.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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