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    Aw K that must be heart breaking for you. In one of your posts above you said that you had started seeing someone. Could that be the impetus? It’s so difficult to know how a child (and sometimes adults) see things. Is it possible that after having you all to herself she is feeling something now that you are seeing someone. This is not a judgement its a question! Is it possible that she thinks you are choosing to spend time with him rather than her and therefore she will choose to spend time with her Dad rather than you?

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    Nicole – I think you hit on something there that the rest of us didn’t allude to. As I said, emotions are complex, especially for kids.

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    I guess only the OP knows the ‘facts’ and unless others who comment know these too, then any assumption about what is/is not happening, especially any potential risks to a child, are seriously misguided and potentially harmful for the child…we can only offer thoughts rather than a ‘said given’.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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