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    having trouble with a jealous ex girlfriend, the basic problem is I have my son in accordance with my court order his mum randomly makes up issues after drop off, not every time but at random intervals.

    our son is 3 years old and we have been apart for 2 and a half years, I took her to court for access as she randomly used to prevent access for no good reason and have had a court order in place for a year and a half.

    after our last visit two weeks ago I received a message around a week later saying our son had been to hospital due to a really bad skin allergy and the doctor had told her due to his low immune system and the current Coronavirus situation that he needed to be quarantined until Monday 20th April which prevented my court granted access from today until Sunday. Tonight I have received an email stating she had been waiting to speak to me because our 3 year old apparently has told her and other family members (not sure who as her mum is a care worker and dad is a key worker so can’t visit them unless they are endangering our son) that my current girlfriend was mean to him when putting him to bed so doesn’t like her and doesn’t want to see her (we live together and done so when I was granted the order) and also that he had witnessed her and myself engaged in a sexual embrace and tried to recreate these actions when she was getting him ready for bed. I have replied that 1. I always put him to bed as I only have him every other weekend so read him a story so it’s impossible for the being mean and 2. Although no sexual relations happen when we had the youngest as I also have two older children the same weekend and it would be a bit weird, I also pointed out there is two stair gates between his room and mine due to the layout and stairs so even if we did this is impossible for him to have seen.

    in the past other reasons to prevent access have been her older boy being sent home from school and 14days self isolation being needed, and when I first moved in I had to send pictures of my house to her so he could stay. Also even though the court has said I am allowed 20 holiday visits she never allows more than two days together and never overnight and I’m never allowed to pick days. He wasn’t allowed to my parents as they have dogs and he’s allergic but she dog sat her neighbours dog for a  month!.

    What can I do about the false accusations as currently she is saying I can’t have the youngest unless I come up with a solution? I have a court order so should I call the police and tell them that access is being prevented and false poor care accusations made?

    Also with regards to the holidays can I do anything about having him for a week or two for future holiday (obviously far future)

    All her messages start with how she is only trying to protect our son, unfortunately I feel she is just trying any cheap trick to prevent access.

    For clarity I left her for my current girlfriend and yes I know that’s awful and I have apologised a hundred times.


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