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    Hi there, has anyone got any advice or suggestions (other than reporting ‘change of circumstances to CMS) on how I can get my ex to pay child support? He runs a successful company, has just dragged me through a pointless court order (costing me £14k in legal fees) and still I get letters from CMS stating he earns less than £7 a week! It’s a joke! I have never stopped his contact, that isn’t the issue (he likes control and to cause chaos). I’m baffled that I’ve been through the court process and child maintenance is not addressed.

    Anyone else going through this? 😰🤬🤯

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    so sorry to hear you are experiencing this! think a lot of us here have had issues with CMS & a financially irresponsible other parent!

    think the helpline might be best bet for advice, I know Gingerbread are very committed to issues with CMS too & have put a lot of work into raising these issues, so your not alone in this!

    As you say he is very controlling & financial abuse is very real; it can often be dragging us through unnecessary costly processes to limit funds, especially if he’s absconding maintenance too! – it might be worth reaching out for more support with Rights of women or the National domestic abuse helpline – from experience they really understand & can provide a host of support too xx

    a lot of the issue can be because family courts & law is almost entirely separate to criminal law or courts, family law solicitors are often undertrained around abuse (a criminal offence!) & family courts often have little powers in cases that do involve this. Some point things will get better, but best thing to do is get specialist expert help – dv specialists! there will be things you can to to catch him out.

    ….. personally obviously to incite violence would be uncouth & we are better than that… but i don’t see harm in super gluing these so called ‘men’ upside-down on the gates of the tax office & fill their pockets full of cheese & biscuits… let nature do the rest. He’d soon learn a new meaning of hole in his pocket 🙂

    hope this helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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