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    Hello I’m new here and looking for advice.

    Is there anything I can do to legally block my ex partner from contacting me but still maintaining the relationship and contact my children have with him?

    I dont want to stop him and the children seeing each other but I can not continue to have to be the one that has contact with him. We do not get along at all and its not in anyone’s best interests for communication to continue but he insists I MUST allow an open flow of contact even though him and his partner bully, manipulate and patronise me ALL the time.

    Can anyone please guide me on where I need to go for legal advice and support and what this even is that I’m dealing with as doesnt seem to fall.into any specific category I can find. Thank you x

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    Depending on childrens ages there normally has to be some sort of contact albeit it should only be about children matters. Most people use schools to do handovers and then whatsapp/email for communication. If ex partner been abusive regarding non child matters then that could land them in trouble.

    How old are children , are they at school as that good place for handovers.

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    He should not be hassling you. I would go seek legal advice and show the text messages if you have any and see what they think.

    In my opinion it’s a form of emotional harassment and bullying. If you show them texts, even choose ones you feel are important. And if any are threatening or causing you distress show them.

    They will know what the next step is. You are not obliged to talk to anyone unless it is a necessary question about your children. Anything else ignore the message.

    My ex tries this, asks about the children, then tries and switches it round to am I working, and my own personal life. Do as I do and ignore it, but definitely seek legal advice

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