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    So how often should the father see the children? He works full time and has every other weekend off and a day during the week so this is when he normally sees them.  As of yet they don’t stay over his because he doesn’t have the space. His saying this time isn’t enough and wants to see them more. However they go to school and he doesn’t get home till 5.30 sometimes. And they go to bed at 7.

    We aren’t agreeing on anything and just arguing about it. How am I meant to resolve it.

    What rights as a mother do I have to say atm to keep it how it is?

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    Just imagine you in his shoes. There isn’t a set time but usually the children want a decent time with both parents. I don’t know if you would be happy seeing the children every other weekend and once per week. So probably their father isn’t either. Separation is the hard work of making parenting work as non couple and this site is testament for the fact how difficult it is. Try to find common ground and see what is workable not what is ideal. The children can stay up a little longer and things can change to make it work.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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