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    I became a single parent 18 months ago, he lied to me and cheated. Leaving 2 children 4 and a 5 year old.

    My divorce was finalised end of December and I thought I was in a better place and got my head around things. Which wasn’t true lol i don’t express my feelings and block them up.i have loads of ups and downs and a complete mess.

    He has been fretoning me against selling our home as we have a joint mortgage and re mortgage a few years ago to consolidate debts. He hasn’t paid anything towards the house since 12/2018, and is saying that he NEEDS things sorted as he is in debt again and his going to force me to sell the house. I’m losted at finding a solution as I can’t find enough money to buy him out of the property as I’m working full time caring for 2 kids and running a home and can only get a small mortgage to pay for the outstanding debt on the house.ive told him to take me to court as the law will sort out a solution.

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    When you divorce you are meant to put all your fimances in one pot and split it. Both your legal team should have sorted this out. If this goes to court you may end up with hardly anything because it gets absorbed I to legal and court fees. He can force you to sell because legally he is entitked to some money from the sale of the house regardless whether he cheated or not. My divorce was finalised after our finances were split. I bought the house off my ex who owned the property but lived elsewhere. You need to get legal advice but it wont be cheap. If this goes to court.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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