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    My ex has today threatened to have my daughter taken away. He seems to think he has good reason and proof that I am a bad mother!!! He is a controlling narcissist who constantly calls trying to control me and my daughter. He says his partner who works for the police force as a lawyer is investigating me, but there is nothing to find. He thinks he stands a good chance having her in the position she is.

    although I do everything for my daughter and makesure she has everything she needs even though I am a single mum struggling financially. She has a roof over her head and food as well as my emotional support, I still worry he will find something to use again at me that may not be true.

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    My ex constantly threatened me with ‘all the things he knew about me’ and threatened to take the kids off me.  I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong and called his bluff and took him to court to get a child arrangement order in place,  funnily enough none of this evidence he had on me every materialised in court.  If your ex’s partner does indeed work for the police force she would be abusing her position by helping him and would get into a lot of trouble and I would make a complaint to the police and tell them exactly what he has been saying because he’s still trying to control you with his threatening behaviour, something they take a lot more seriously these days, even if you don’t want them to take action it’s worth logging a complaint with them.

    My ex is no longer allowed to phone or text me unless it’s an emergency regarding the kids and he’s not allowed to my property which has been amazing as he used to phone/message me up to 30 times a day and constantly drive passed my house.  He also has been told to stop following my older children from school and if he’s seen anywhere near school he’s been told the police will be called.

    Being financially well off doesn’t make you a better parent you are providing everything she needs and that’s what matters.


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    Thank you I am glad I am not the only one. I started to doubt my position as a mum and wondered if there was the slightest thing he could use against me. I have already spoken to someone and a non molestation order which I am waiting to hear about.
    as for his partner well yes I need to get what she is apparently doing on record I think.

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    its awful when we have to try and co parent with abusive ex partners, ive been through the same recently and its got me so depressed wish i could start a new life at times. ignore his accusations he is just trying to stress you out. Anything he says in court would need to be proven and if you know your a good mum you have nothing to worry about.

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    I agree with PicklePie24

    it’s really important that you call this through to 101 police line. The point of this is 2fold. It places an official log that you notified the police of an episode of harassment and also plants the seed that potentially there is a member of the police force not acting within their professional remit and abusing their position. It’s not that you require anything from the police.
    It’s highly likely that your ex is making this up, to scare you. I think generally, you’d have to be pretty stupid as a professional to perform searches on someone/an address without justification, as she’ll be well aware that she’s risking her career. It’s all auditable.

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