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    I just wanted some other people’s opinions to see if I am being over sensitive, bit of a long story but my ex husband and I have a 8 year old, ex normally lives overseas but when he is in the country he sees our son every saturday and if in holidays half of the holidays, when he is not here his parents see our son usually every Saturday so he can spend time with grand parents and his cousins etc, my ex has been out of the country before the lockdown he FaceTimes our son every second or 3rd day his grandparents also FaceTime him once a week. We have been social distancing as my parents are vulnerable and need to be shielding due to being transplant patients we live with my parents.

    It is our son’s birthday this week and my ex just messaged saying his father will be picking our son and taking him to see his cousins as they are throwing him a party, when I explained it to him that it’s not possible and I am worried about our son catching something and then spreading it to my parents.

    he became very angry and Called me pathetic he said everyone was carrying on normal and I was doing it just for my parents if I was so worried my parents should just avoid hugging our son. Also that I was keeping my son trapped at home and he demanded to know what I will do if schools reopens. He has never been interested in school never attended any parents meetings even when he is in the country. He also said he will be coming back to the U.K. soon and expects to see our son as much as he wants. His messages just gave me so much anxiety I had to just turn my phone off when I switched it back on again he has missed call and messages saying he wants to talk to our son then, in one moment he is arguing with me calling me names and in other he just acts so normal.


    am I being over sensitive?

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    He seems just obsessed with both of you, you and the child. In the long run, his messages will stress you. Talk to him, reach a mutual understanding and follow that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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