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    Has anyone’s ex suggested moving back to the family home, staying in the spare room, not with the intention of getting back together but for their own benefit with helping to pay the mortgage?

    My ex left nineteen months ago. He was the one who chose to leave. He refused to work on our marriage.

    He is suggesting moving back into the family home, staying in the spare room. His reason is it would solve the problem of paying the mortgage. It’s more like it’d solve his problem of paying his half of the mortgage. He has always had a poor relationship with money and has always been in debt. He’s still in debt, the only difference now is he doesn’t have anyone to bail him out. When we lived together, he used to take money out of my bank account without my permission.

    I know legally I can’t stop him. I am concerned he’ll turn up on the doorstep with his belongings.

    Our daughter is now settled into this new way of life and I strongly believe if he came back it would have effect her negatively. It’d certainly be a very confusing, unsettled home environment for her.
    I’m feeling stronger and happier since he left and I am concerned about my mental health should his suggestion be realised.

    I have met someone else which my ex husband knows about and I have my suspicions he’s trying to destroy my new relationship.

    My divorce application is going through which I started. This suggestion would be until our daughter leaves full time education. She is in Year eight.

    Thank you for reading.

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    Well I wouldn’t.

    There are lots of implications. In terms of divorce, would it still allow you to claim you have been separated for two years.

    From a benefits point of view, wouldn’t he be less able to claim benefits if you are still  married and living in the same house. And would you become liable for his debts?

    Also how can you have a new relationship with your ex in the next room. Your ex is using you. Again.

    I think you need legal advice on how to prevent this

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