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    In need of some advice regarding the Coronavirus situation and shared parenting. I have my child with my ex husband, who also has a child to someone else.

    The current living arrangements are as follows:

    I live with our daughter in a separate household

    My Ex is currently living with his parents

    His previous child who he had to another women is living with the mother, step father and half sister.

    my Ex is demanding he see our child , because he apparently has arrangements to see his other child ( Not sure if he is bluffing me and trying to guilt me) . However I strongly feel this is completely going against all government advice to keep  social distancing. I feel he is not only putting our daughter at risk , but his own parents, myself, his other child and that Childs family.

    He has threatened me with court, and threatened to take full custody should I not let him see our daughter.  I have said he can skype/ FaceTime/ call her etc when ever he wants however he is not listening and not happy with that. He used to see her every other weekend, an arrangement made by ourselves which worked well however since this coronavirus has come about this has obviously altered things during this time. I have no objection to reverting back to the original arrangements once the pandemic is coming to an end.

    Where do I stand , can anyone offer advice as to what other families in situation are doing? I understand children under 18 can go to their parents, but surely this is to0 many people to come into contact with each other???

    Advice much appreciated !


    From a worried mummy!!

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    Ignore his threats of court, no court is going to rule against you in the current circumstances. He’s just trying to bully you.

    Send him an email stating why you don’t think it is safe. Point out your concerns, and offer as much FaceTime as possible. How old/ healthy are his parents.

    Bear in mind he’s probably very stressed, if he’s in isolation with his parents. None of this is easy for anyone so try to be calm but firm.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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