ex has blocked all forms of communication can I stop him having our child?

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    he has now blocked me from all communication inc email what’s ap phone text etc. He will still email me demands which I’m unable to respond too. I have had to get a third party to respond. I don’t feel it is right to let my daughter go with anyone who I can communicate with.

    ‘What if an emergency, what if she wants to speak to me or me her…

    what if. Strain was late etc.

    i cant seam to find any advice to see if I’m right in thinking this is unreasonable behaviour. Everyone I mention it too says it’s extreamly I mature not to be able to have an open two way form of communication – even if we stick to simple child contact communication

    am thinking of wrtting a[ost card to say something like”contact me when your open to a two way form of communication so we can plan child contact’


    any thoughts?

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    Thanks for your thoughts

    however I do feel there needs to be open communication as he will otherwise keep on email demands of dates /times with no way of me responding eg if not practicle for our child, if she has a commitment etc.

    the reason I think he blocks me is a control issue. I am level headed and practicle where as he will write huge rude emails to me! I keep things simple and to the point of child contact.

    he is very unstable mentally unfortuanatly.


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    To give you an idea of my history, My ex is unstable mentally (suicide attempts etc) to the point I had to take contact to court, I refused him having my children without supervision which he didn’t see the need for, in fact after courts, solicitors, cafcass and anyone else involved in the case said he did need supervision, he still thinks I’m deluded! My children currently see him at a contact centre which isn’t ideal but it’s the safest option.

    Is your ex under a mental health team? Depending on his condition probably Is a form of control if he is still contacting you but not allowing you to have any contact. What sort of things is he demanding? I would explain to him that you won’t be acknowledging any of his emails until he opens up lines of communication so you can discuss things. I wouldn’t be involving thrid parties to reply to him. Maybe seek some advice on his visitation. It’s hard to know what to do but if you get the right advice that can help loads.

    I don’t nessacarily agree with previous comment that he wouldn’t let you daughter call if she wanted to, although if that was the case it would concern me. Myself and my ex don’t have a very good relationship at all but the children are always free to communicate with him.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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