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    My ex and I have a very amicable relationship. Over the last few years as he got into another relationship his time with our son diminished a bit. He’s no longer in a relationship but my son only ever stays with him for 1 night every weekend. It makes it difficult for me to fit in everything I want to during my “time off”. I’m really grateful my ex is there at the end of the phone on FaceTime regularly with our son but wonder if I’m right to feel like an extra night here and there would be beneficial to all of us?

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    One night and weekend is still the equivalent to the “typical ” every other week ratio. It’s just weekly rather than a full weekend.


    If you want more child free time perhaps suggest you both look at what holidays he will be having with your child over the next year.

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    One night a weekend really isn’t enough. I’m going through similar with my ex. He only sees and has our daughter 2 nights at the weekend. And if he works one of those days he only has her from 7pm, she spends all day with me. I’ve told him recently that if he doesn’t make more of an effort to spend time with her, it’s going to have a negative impact on their relationship.

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    Sadly, the generally accepted standard contact is 2 nights every other weekend with possibility of a midweek after school tea visit.

    It’s not shared care. It’s not fifty fifty. But for many this is what they want and anymore would probably mean that the child wouldn’t see their parent more as would be being cared for by others if working etc.

    So in honesty is it better to be with you or with a non parent?

    Equally, if he had two days every weekend when will you ever have quality weekend time with your child?

    This will become even more impactful once your child is in school. And you work full time as well.

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