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    My relationship with what I thought was The One ended about 4 weeks ago. We all lived together me, him and my 5 year old. She loved him to bits. Problem is that now we have broken up he literally lives across the road. She saw him today for the first time and wanted to go in his house and play. He rightly said no that she should play in the communal gardens and then she could see him and he could see her. She promptly ran in to the house to ask me if she could go to the house as he was so nice. I explained that that was not possible as me and the ex were no longer friends. She wanted to know why. I explained it was adult stuff but that he was not kind to me. She wanted to know how he was mean to me and I told her that it was really adults business. She got so upset and ran out crying. Its so hard. I am still wounded from the end of the relationship but now feel I have to move to allow her to move on and me.


    What do I tell her when she keeps asking for him?  We do not communicate as it was an abusive relationship.

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