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    My child has been seeing his dad for a few hours each week during lockdown at my house. Whilst a little uncomfortable at times, we have made it work.

    My ex has another child from another relationship whom he is also seeing. This older child is staying with him every weekend. This means that my ex is effectively moving between three households including his own.


    I made it clear to him from day 1 of lockdown that I was unhappy that there were too many external factors from mixing with additional households for social distancing to work however understood that he needed to see both children.


    Since the lifting of some restrictions on Wednesday, my ex’s teenage child has been going out for unlimited exercise and meeting his friend(s) with no social distancing measures. My ex has informed me of this today.

    I am now not happy that he will spend time in my house with my (our) son. Whilst unlikely, he could’ve picked up, been exposed to Covid-19,  I don’t want my child or myself to get it.

    My ex’s attitude is what’s grates though. He is only interested in himself and what is right for him. He gets quite verbally aggressive if challenged.
    I explained to him to that there were now unknown’s within our group and he could potentially pass on Covid-19 to our child. His reply was that we (my child and I) were more likely to get it anyway as we live in a disadvantaged area and it’s been proven that poor areas (council estates) are hotspots.
    We have adhered to the rules from day one and yet I have to let this person into my home because he has parental responsibility. I’d just like your thoughts really because I am really stressing about this and he won’t stay away.

    Last week his teenage child had a sore throat and he refused to self isolate. I feel he’s putting us in danger. If I say anything he will tell me he’ll start court proceedings to have our child for longer if I carry on challenging him. This is something he does every-time I disagree with him.

    Just for information he isn’t worried about anyone over 70 getting the virus either (including our parents) as they’ve already had their life. He told me this. This is his attitude and what I’m dealing with.

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    I’m sorry to hear this. I’m sort of in the same boat. Whilst I don’t have any real advice I wanted to reply to show some support.

    My ex was demanding to see our little person during lockdown. I have the same concerns as you therefore I declined initially. I have never stood in the way of contact before but this is unusual circumstances.

    I relented only to find out he just wanted to tell our Little one about his new baby the hand her back as he was moving.
    He’s now residing at his parents until his new house is ready. They are both over 70.

    I can’t possibly consider moving her between theirs and mines every alternate weekend. It’s a mess.

    Just wanted to reach out and say hang in there. For what it’s worth I think you’re doing the right thing…

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