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    So me and my sons mum split some time ago, she’s always said that we should cut ties and only contact each other regarding our son, I would have preferred to keep thing amicable for his sake but I can’t force it.

    She’s been difficult on a numerous of subjects but I always knew where I stood, this new one is a grey area for me.

    Last night she decided she want to talk about some difficulties her friend is having, bear in mind this is my weekend with my son and it was 11pm, I told her I would help via message until I fell asleep but I wasn’t a available for a call because I needed to go to sleep for when he woke up. To which I was met with a tirade of abuse, her aunt and uncle take care of him during the week while we work, last night she has now decided I can no longer pick my son up or drop him off at her house it has to be at theirs, their house is a much further journey for me and I don’t think it’s good for my son to be sent there by her for me to pick him up then to be dropped off back there it’s just not normal.

    Any advice?

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    Was it just coincidence that this new arrangement has been made or do you think it’s because you weren’t willing to speak to her on the phone!

    Has she said why, this has to change?

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    How much further is the journey?

    Does it cost you more than £10 to get there and back? Do you pay maintenence? Via an informal agreement or the cms?

    I wouldn’t say it again unreasonable if that’s where your son will be in the week. How old is he? Why don’t you have responsibility for him during the week? I dot  get why any parents would do this tbh when there are two of you and surely you could juggle things like most parents do? Is it her decision?

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    It sounds like an excuse to me. If your son spends a lot of time at her aunt’s house, and now she wants you to do drop offs or pick ups there, it sounds like she is going to be around less or she is trying to hide something from you. New boyfriend? Lodger? For sale sign?

    Stay calm, Don’t rise, just do as she asks, although deduct the cost of fuel if it is more than £10. It involves more work for her, to go and collect him than have him dropped off at hers, so either she will calm down and change her mind, or things will become clear shortly.

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