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    Need some advice my ex and I cant agree contact dates we have an 8 month daughter together

    I’ve proposed that he should take her every friday night for me to get to work on a Saturday morning one weekend full weekend than next weekend bring back  after my work on the saturday. Hes trying to be difficult and says he will pick her up Saturday morning before my work.

    I work 16 hours a week he dosnt have a job.  have a kid from a previous relationship I work a Tues and Thursday and sat my ruiteen is getting up on a tues and thurs out the door for half 7 with both kids take oldest to breakfast club at school then travel to nursery with the youngest then make my way into work do my shift then pick them both up there school and nursery is 2.5 mile away from each other I dont drive. Iam ok with this I have came to terms with it has to be done as I choose to have them even tho I was wanting abit of help on at least one of the days.

    In his words he said this(Wan weekend al get her friday follow week sat morn so we get a friday each every week to not fair for me to have her ever single fridayanaw) (Al take her 2 days the week and wan day weekend every week and ma maw will chip in tay)

    Shes at nursery his because the ruiteen was too much I was having to travel with my oldest to get her back on a tues and Thursday  after work which wasnt fare on her as she was crying because she was cold  then dropping her her didnt because I can’t afford to travel on the days out with my work. He also says put her in so he says that’s my responsibility to take her. I cant risk him letting me down so I put her into nursery during the week. And he will pick her up one fri then the next week he would pick her up on the sat before my work

    My issue with it is he dosnt work has no commitments has two dogs hes previously used as an excuse for not being able to help with nursery ruin the morning. baby has to get up during the week for sisters school out the door for 2 mornings half 7 and rest half 8 the other 3 days of the school week then at weekend shes to be rushed about in the morning again up at and out for quarter past 8 I think it’s too much shuffling about for a baby when hes there and able to do it iam not asking for much just every friday so I can work on the Saturday. Also I feel days during the week he cant take her as it dosnt suit shes at nursery tues and thursday he refuses to take her so only day would be a sun brought back on Monday then shes to go through a full week of running about again I feel it’s too unsettling for her does she not deserve to have a day off from the ruiteen. Passed about between me him and nursery during the week and why should I struggle every morning before work when hes at home in bed able to do it iam not saying hes to have her the full weekend every weekend just on a fri to sunday one next fri to sat after my work. Iam constantly being name called aswell hes leaving voicemails where hes called me names I feel hes trying to be difficult and in controll and when we cant agree he will be nasty and call me names as soon as I disagree  its really getting me down as all a want to do is work and bring up my children and get on with it but hes trying to make it more difficult when he should be helping out its effecting my well being


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    Hi Nik28

    Thanks for posting here.  It may be worth your while to chat with one of our helpline advisers.  They will be able to explore what options are available to you.  Here are their details:

    Kind regards, Justine

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    Thank you will get in contact

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