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    I’m a single mum to a beautiful 18 month old baby girl called Aaliyah & I can honestly say she is the best thing to ever happen to me! I’ve never quite felt love like this; I love nothing more than being a mum to her as she is my world.


    However since having her, I’ve been struggling to make ends meet which breaks my heart as I’d love to give her the world but I’m unable to do so. I’ve tried everything to improve my financial situation but haven’t been successful. I already work 2 jobs in order to afford the rent, her daycare etc. I’m honestly at my wits end and don’t know where to go from here 🙁


    Right now I’m literally at rock bottom and have no family to turn to. I get paid on Friday & have £2 to my name till then which is just enough to get some milk for my bubba. I am happy to starve in order for her to eat but I fear that I’ll run out of milk before payday which will eave us both hungry. I’ve always been too proud to ask for hand outs but I’ve got to put my pride aside and my baby girl first!!


    If anyone out there reading this can spare £1 or even 50p please let me know as I’d really appreciate it (so would Aaliyah)!!! Also, does anyone have any tips on how to generate money from home in your spare time???


    Leonie x

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    I’m sorry to hear of your situation have you looked into help through tax credits, housing benefit single occupancy on council tax etc also do you get maintenance from your ex could you not ask him for a bit extra? you can’t live as you are don’t be too proud to ask for help I felt exactly the same when I had to start claiming benefits but as you said you are also working so not taking benefits for granted.

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    Hi, is there are local food bank you can contact? it won’t do you or your daughter any good for you to starve. All the best

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    Find a food bank, they are fantastic and discreet. I used my local one and they were so supportive and can put you in touch with other help. Good luck.

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    Where do.you live ?

    Please pm me




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