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    My ex partner and I split up 8 years ago, I remained in the house we have a joint mortgage on. When he left the house was in negative equity and I only worked part time so could not afford to take over the mortgage alone. Iver the last 8 years I have increased my wiring hours, studied to enable me to get a promotion at work and now am in the position to take over the mortgage. My ex have not paid any money towards the mortgage since he left but has paid monthly childcare at the minimum required to what he is earning: he has not paid for any maintenance towards the house. Also he has early little contact with his daughter…

    As mentioned I now have been able to secure a Mortage offer in principle and my Soliciters have wrote to my ex requesting he signs the house over…. his reply today ‘The correct course of action is for us to agree transfer of equity and to then arrange transfer of mortgage and title simultaneously.’

    I di not feel he is entitled to any of the equity in the house that I’ve worked hard to keep and now have the chance of owning… what I’m trying to find out is has anyone been in the situation or can anyone qualified offer me any advise or help..

    thanks I’m advance



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