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    Opening doors


    I have a child arrangements order in place. There have been multiple breaches in COVID period by my ex who still controls me even though we are separated. Has anyone had to enforce one via court?

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    Yes, I made an application recently to enforce our CAO. The cost was £215. I’m yet to have the hearing, which is scheduled for this week by telephone. My ex refuses to take our child to the designated handover point and keeps leaving him alone on the street outside my various relatives houses and driving off. He’s only 8 and it’s just not safe. I’m not sure what will happen and how the court will deal with it

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    Miss mop

    My ex partner to take me back to court to enforce the court order. As I have reduced contact due to the COVID-19 . As he was having multiple people around his house still going out. I have two children with him one child suffers with chest infections and that also has type one diabetes which I classed as vulnerable so I made a decision to reduce the contact is now taking me to court

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    With type one diabetes being an auto immune disease you potentially have a case for reducing contact if you feel that dad is not minimising risk and you yourself are actually socially isolating. If your child is a shielding patient, you will have received a letter from the government or GP practice. As for chest  infections, unless you have a respiratory diagnosis then you are unlikely to be able to use this is as excuse.
    You may be able to get a letter from your paediatrician stating that the child’s condition makes them vulnerable as judges are not medically trained and in my experience tend not to take the word of parents

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    Im waiting to hear from the courts for a similar application.

    Ive phoned them several times and was told a judge would be reviewing the application this week.

    Your lucky to have been given a telephone hearing……

    I hope you get the outcome you want.

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