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    This year it would be me and my daughters dad’s 11 years together. The relationship hasn’t been right for about 3 years. It’s been really on and off. After him telling me to move out in May in an argument, I got a house for me and my daughter and moved out 2 weeks ago.

    Even though we’ve been through so much rubbish together I feel so depressed and fed up. When I’m with my daughter I put a brave face on. But as soon as I wake up, or when I’m driving to my new job, or any time I have time on my own i find myself in floods of tears. All I want to do is sleep because then I don’t have to face any of this.

    My daughter is currently at her dads this weekend and I can’t stop getting upset thinking I’d want to be there with them too in our home.

    I can’t get myself motivated to do anything. I’m so low and don’t know what to do 🙁

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    Firstly well done you have spoken about your feelings on here. You are not wallowing you are seeking some help and reassurance do credit yourself for that

    I cant relate to your situation i was not in a relationship with babys Dad but he has not been involved, was horrible in what he said to me, havent got any maintenance from him and he even got someone or used a payg phone himself to harrasss me few months back. All a absolutely pathetic as when he gets away with repsoinsilities why then target me

    I cry a lot, i am lonely and everyone is with someone. I ask for help all the time me. My Mum had a go at me last week as i shouted at my son and she freaked on me telling me my moods are shocking and she’s had enough. Had an argument with everyone in the family im a very outposken person and emotioanlly charged at times

    Please feel free to speak on here it really is a great forum and we all have different things we can talk about and get off our chest

    I hope you are ok and yes must be painful for you. Dont hide your feelings be true to yourself and im happy to talk anytime

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    Hi Leanne,

    Totally understand how you feel currently experiencing the same thing only my ex partner moved out of the family home… which i think is personally better for the other person as I’m left looking at all the memories. Sometimes its tough being seperated it’s definitely not the plan anyone pictured. But i feel like focusing on things is getting me by, occupy yourself because time will be a healer and things will fall into place. I’ve learnt you can’t force a relationship, if your meant to reconnect with one another it will happen. Stay positive for yourself and your little girl, welcome to private message me if you like. Stay strong girl you got this xx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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