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    Hi all

    Hope everyone’s doing well!

    Me and my ex coparent our son and have done for the last couple of years. He’s just coming up 3 now.

    He’s always been moderately emotional when I drop him at his mums, but it has got worse over the last few, months. He really does cry when I drop him off. For a time he actually said “bye bye daddy” and seemed quite settled, and went off to play with toys etc.

    He doesn’t react the same way when I drop him at playschool, he jumps up and down excitedly, shouts bye dad, then runs off into the group.

    I’m not in any way attempting to point score here, it only matters he’s happy. It just seems odd that when I pick him up he leaves the house with barely a backwards glance, and cries when I leave him back there.

    Me and his mum get on for the sake of him, but we’re from 2 different cultures and it’s quite hard to communicate. What I mean is, I’d prefer to stay for a while and just let him settle back into his other home, whereas the majority of the time, she wants me to leave once I’ve dropped him off. I’ve tried to explain why I want to hang about, but it falls on deaf ears, mainly because she doesn’t understand really, or I’m not communicating in a way she gets.

    Has anyone else had a similar situation? It’s heartbreaking hearing him crying as I leave.


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    It is very common for a dad to just drop his child off after contact and leave straight away and less you and your ex are best of friends.

    A lot of parents that split up meet at neutral venues and much worse. It is what it is unfortunately and staying a while isnt an option if your ex dont agree.

    All the behaviours above are very normal from your child plus still very young and clearly enjoys seeing you

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    Thanks for your response warwickshire1.

    It’s not quite as black and white as the first part. I have him 4 days and his mum has him 2, I fit round her work schedule. It’s confusing because he was far better when I stopped for a while, she’d even offer a drink and something to eat, so I’m not really sure what’s going on for her. But that’s stopped.

    We’re not best of friends, but I do as much as I can for her, take her shopping etc.

    He is a very happy lad, up until that point really.

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