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    Anyone else running out of ideas on what to do with elf each night…its only day 3, another 21 to go 😟 Some ideas would be good thanks

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    My elf has got a partner in crime  as I ran out of ideas this year &  found another elf in the local pound shop. So they have been joining me for gin o’clock in the evening .also I caught them having a cheeky smoke this week too😁 I also found a miniature elf behaving badly sign  which is funny

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    😆 wow a brandy drinking smoking elf…that would be shock for kids in morning, empty brandy bottles an fag buts 🤣 Same, I brought 2nd elf. Now gotta think up something for 2 elves to do each night

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    I’ve struggled previous years, but googled ‘elf on the shelf ideas’ and click into images. It’s full of inspiration

    hope this helps keep the fun going , for the kids at least 😁

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    We have two elves staying with us at my parents house …. I’ve not been able to make as much mess as I have previously in the family home.


    We’ve done…

    Day one- elves turn up with brand new scarves they knitted from grandma’s wool

    Day two- elves used the scarves to capture two dinosaurs!

    Day three – elves hid at the top of the living room curtains (on the rail)

    Day four – elves at a box of chocolates! But left two for the kids at the bottom of the box because they couldn’t reach all the way in the box

    Day five – elves turned the photos on the mantle piece the wrong way around and some upside down

    Day six – dad’s house

    Day seven – they’ve got hold of some spare Christmas lights and have taken two toys hostage


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    Some great ideas, might do photo one tomorrow night.

    Ive got a chalkboard tonight and elves have written the kids messages telling them to be good or they will tell Santa..hope it works😃

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    Easy ones are Elves wear mummy’s make up – painted granddads toe nails whilst he slept (if grand dad or family pet lol is up for that!) – elf dresses up as Santa (cotton wool print stick to the face in beard shape) – of plays board game with another toy . If you have rice crispies cut one of the faces out of the box – just the right size for elf to stick his head through

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