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    Hello my 4 year old has potential ADHD abn potential autism, i cant get her to eat her tea even with only breakfast and lunch she will not eat her tea only pizza n chicken nuggets, i need tips on getting her to eat this has been going on for nearly 2 years now.

    Thank you

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    I am not a food expert or dietitian so what I do is put little bowls of finger food out rather than a plate of food  . I call it my all day buffet .your child selects what they eat . Sometimes it will work , then sometimes  it won’t . I put out a mixture of colour ed food like salad .this technique has worked and my daughter has no problem with what she eats. And will try different foods. She will refuse cake to eat a savory snack.

    I suggest you speak to dietitian as children do not need to be autistic to be a picky eater.

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    Try showing her that her TV heros eat well, like oh look at this character, they eat healthy to be strong and well.  My little boy loves being fit, so I explained how fitness needs to be supported by a good mixed balanced lifestyle,  its tough though I know

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    I have a daughter, now 13, who pretty much stopped eating on her second birthday. It was strange and it has been an ongoing thing for 11 years now. I stressed abt it a lot, but then I just had to go with it. She will happily starve herself rather than eat something she doesnt want to eat. She still eats puree fruit! A raw carrot (under duress) chicken occasionally but it is usually a version of nuggets, turkey dinosaurs and such like. She eats yogurt, has milk at night. Some might say I’m not doing her any favours, and perhaps they’re right, but our relationship suffered enormously with the battle of wills and sometimes you just have to choose which fights to stick with and which not. She looks healthy. She is a ballet dancer and seems to have energy to do about 5 hours of exercise a week. One day..

    I believe she will eat a proper meal.

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