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    hi all,

    my first Easter alone with my little boy is feeling quite daunting.

    Got some things planned but feel so alone and the pressure of thinking of things to do on my own is hard. Been so used to having someone there to help and come up with places to go etc. Money is tight as well so that doesn’t help.


    Hope pe everyone is having a good Easter though


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    Well, you have a mine of information and characters right here. Give us an idea where you live (do you have a car, etc?). And we’ll all work together. I’ll kick it off, have a simple Easter egg hunt. Get his friends and parents around – they all bring some food. Kids spend an hour or so in the garden, then playing together. You get some company. Only has to be 2-3 hours and that is a day’s event.

    Come on, bowl some more at me.

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    What age is your little boy?

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    Easter baking ?

    Simple biscuits, mini nests made from shreaded wheat / cornflakes.

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    Just got home after day at my nephews house. Been a good day. Out for lunch tomorrow but got the Easter egg hunt in the morning.

    My boy is 9. He’s a real mummy’s boy but rough and tumble at the same time.

    We live south east London. So there is plenty to do around us.

    He loves cooking, we are always making things.

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    Charlton Park? I didn’t know that had animals, didn’t know it existed actually. We went to Greenwich Park the other day.

    Mum doing the Easter egg hunt tomorrow. My boy loves clues to find eggs and the next clue. I’ve got 20 for him to find 😂

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    Hi Lindylu,

    Another favourite of my kids is Christmas Tree farm in Downe.

    Really cheap, loads of animals that the children can feed and touch.

    Hope you have a lovely Easter!

    Jamie x


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    When my little girl was very small  and i was on maternity leave we went to a free play group on tuesday so we could meet other people

    . I’m not very religious but the same Christian  playgroup organises easter and christmas activities for the kids and they always invite us. So Friday we got invited to lunch. Lots of grown up people to chat to and easter activities for the kids  . It was a lovely morning .Today we have been invited to easter Egg hunt in park followed by afternoon tea . So it would be fun and free

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