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    Hi All.

    I am in the early stages of a separation and would love to chat/meet other single parents, (ideally) near my area (Surrey/south west London).  3 children (aged 7 and 5 year old twins). It’s a brave new world, not one I was expecting! It has been a difficult few months and am keen to start the year as positively as possible 😊

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    Hi LL13

    I’m glad to see you are focusing on being positive at this time.  This community is an excellent way of sharing experiences and information with other parents.  If you are looking to meet with other parents, Gingerbread also offers single parent groups across the UK.  This information is available on our website but here is the link to the page to search on.  https://www.gingerbread.org.uk/community/single-parent-groups/groups/

    Good luck and welcome to the forum.


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    Hi, I am also in Surrey. Recently split with my partner of 11 years, I have a 9,7,5 and 4 month old! Finding this very hard as it is one sided, would love to meet up and take my mind off things or talk things through also!

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    I’m in SW London! Separated 6 months ago but still living together which is hard.

    Hope you’re doing ok x

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    Hi, I live in Surrey. Although separation happened 4 yrs ago, it is only in April this year matrimonial home was sold and ex wife moved away to unknown address, seized overnight contact. I rarely ever see him due to my shifts and 1 day is not enough. I miss my boy, 10 yrs of age terribly!! How does one withstand the separation with the child after everything else has been pull from under your feet: house, hopes for family, then the son..?


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    I’ve been separated for 2 months..after 20yrs and 3 beautiful kids later 18,15 & 13..she told me it’s over, with the “we are best friends and not lovers chat.”

    I’m going through loads of different emotions at the moment from wanting her back till it’s over for good..

    I’m staying in the married home at the moment, which is so difficult. Hopefully by the end of August I’ll have a deposit and the first months rent for a little place..

    You wouldn’t think that I’m 6ft2 17st (lost just over a 2stone in 2months through stress) I’m an emotional wreck, my feeling are so up and down..

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    Afternoon All. I am new to all this. 8 weeks ago I found out my partner of 10 year’s was having an affair after month’s of being made to believe i was paranoid. My heart was broken and has continued to be stamped all over. I have 2 gorgeous boy’s who are 5 and 3 to her. Each hour and day is a struggle right now. She has continued to spit poison and not putting our children as her priority. When I thought she could not get any lower she had her latest affair sleeping in the family home whilst I took our children abroad for a week. She has made malicious unfounded reports to my place of work putting me further through the mill. Last week after a full week of I love you, can you forgive me I was then served with papers from her solicitor for a non molestation order and occupancy order to have me removed from the address. This was all controlling coercive behaviour with her calling off court the evening before attending. Following advice of my work place, solicitor and family and friends I have since moved me and the children to my parent’s. Currently my ex remains in the family home which is up for sale. The care of her children is somewhat informal currently with a 50/50 split. Our children are in such distress and upset not wanting to leave me to stay with mum. “I hate mummy, she upsets daddy”. Any thoughts/advice/support would be so appreciated at this worst time of my life. Her ex best friend has now advised and provided credible evidence of further two affairs whereby I now need to undertake a paternity test on my 3 year old.

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    Very hard to have it all pulled from underneath you. Iv been separated from my partner for 7 months only just starting to feel it all now having very up and down days.

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