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    Alipally – sorry to hear you have also gone through something similar! Hearing from you and others I think I am starting to realise I am better off on my own and can put my full focus on to this little one! I’m so excited yet so scared but I know it will be the most amazing moment of my life and It keeps me going knowing in a few.months I will hold this little one in my arms! Merry Christmas x

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    Literally who gives a s*** what him and his family think. Are they helping you now when you’re homeless? Are they gonna be doing the night feeds? Hell no.

    Ignore him and if if you have to block him. If he is gonna be a good dad then he’s got enough time to step up and prove himself but at the moment he is not.

    ‘Time is a healer’ so if you loose contact now and do boss this by yourself you’re gonna be amazing. All he contributes is hassle that you don’t need.

    Also beware when the baby does arrive cause that’s when everyone crawls out of the wood works trying to make them selves feel like good people with their overwhelming affection and empty promises.


    I know now it’s easy for us to tell you but honestly you’ve got this don’t ever doubt yourself!! Xxx

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    I’m sorry you are going through all that, I would see if you can get his parents / him to agree to some support urgently in that case. Pointing out that stress and a poor diet will do no good for the baby. It really does not matter what they think, if they “kick off” seriously while you are pregnant / at all then they are also irresponsible and maybe best out of your lives anyway  – he  is not behaving responsibly. I have an ex that still does that not getting back to you for weeks thing a decade after leaving so getting things sorted out legally and financially will save a lot of hassle in the long run. Hope you are having a really Happy Christmas! We forgot to defrost the chicken and it is tight financially but otherwise it has been happy thank you.

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    My baby is now 13 days old and I left his father after I found out he was married and not available, as he claimed when I met him. The shock was massive for me and I had to go on meds and lots of support from the midwives. The day I gave birth to my son, I could see from the hospital window his house. I was really sad. In the beginning it was tough and still is sometimes. My family and friends have been amazing. Reading others experiences in here and learning how to cope using different strategies have helped me too. Time is the best med in combination with positive thinking. One step at the time. I wish all single parents get everything the wish in the new year.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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