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    Hello, first of all I hope you are all ok.

    I am about to start divorce proceedings.  Our relationship has broken down, he is an alcoholic which has exasperated our situation.  There is no communication, everything is via WhatsApp.  Including sexual harassment.  He is the main earner, I do not have earning power.  We have two children and I have raised them as husband has been drunk and uninterested.

    I have no savings, a poor part time wage.  However I need to start divorce proceedings as the relationship is humiliating.

    How can I find out  if I can keep the house and he can have his share when youngest is 18 years old.  Children don’t want to move from friends or schools.  I can’t take on mortgage but maybe there is a way?

    Any help in regards to staying in marital home and any financial advice would be hugely appreciated.

    Thank you so so much.


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    It is likely you will have to go through a financial settlement as well as the divorce to get the finances sorted and if you are allowed to stay in the house can you afford to pay the mortgage and all the bills/upkeep on the house if you were allowed to stay until your youngest is 18?   When i moved out of our family home and while we were waiting for the sale to go through (5 long years) the judge told my ex husband he would be responsible for all costs relating to the house and he had to keep it in a good state of repair.  Also if you do get to remain in the house he will probably be entitled to a % of the equity when the sale goes through which means you will be giving him a larger sum at the end even though you have been solely paying the mortgage. If he can prove having to keep his name on the mortgage means he is unable to secure a home for himself you might not get to remain in the house.

    There are so many variables in this sort of situation you really should get legal advice, if he is abusive and because you are on a low income you may get legal aid, a solicitor can go through it with you in a free 1/2 hr consultation.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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