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    I’m hoping there’s someone on here able to offer their experience. My son is going to be 17 very soon and has been looking forward to learning to drive. I had planned to get him driving lessons for his birthday but with the pandemic, I’m concerned about him sharing a vehicle with others in such close proximity. Have any other parents taught their teens to drive or were you taught by your parent?

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    My dad tried to teach my mum when she was about 19.I think she had issues going in a straight line or something.Eventually she drove him round the bend,one way or another🙂and she never learnt to drive.Sadly.But probably for the best.

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    am training to be instructor. there have been many covid deaths of instructors. so yes it is high risk. at present their not allowed to teach. so have to wait till lockdown is lifted.

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    Ye Steve, this is one of the reasons I’m asking any parents experiences of teaching their teens. I’m hoping take out a provisional insurance policy for my son on a car that is registered to me and then he can start to build his own no claims. As soon as I feel it’s a little safer to car share, then I’ll top up with driving school lessons  prior to him applying for his practical test.

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    You could consider doing an intense driving course where you do a load of lessons in quick succession , but do it between June-Sept when the numbers are really low and restrictions are lifted. In the meantime couldnt he make sure he passes the theory test side of it

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    I did consider the intense course but when exactly will Covid be away sufficient to enable this safely? And I’m of the mind that short and frequent lessons are better and likely to make a safer driver than intense course. The fact is that he can not afford to run a vehicle at present so I thought if we drag it over a year then at least he’ll have a year no claims discount to run with on passing. This should give him time to save up too as his insurance will be ridiculous

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    My stepdad took me out in a car when I was young.

    Theres car o dromes in some counties just need to be able to vary your car insurance.

    My eldest will be able to start her lessons next year. It often takes them longer than you think and the revision packages for the theory tests from WHsmiths are interactive.

    If you feel nervous about covid best thing to do is talk to the learner driver company you decide to go with.

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    Thanks for your response. How did you get on learning with a relative? Did you have driving lessons with a school too? There’s absolutely no rush for him to apply for his test as he’s a college student with little to no income at present.
    My kids have already had a few lessons with young driver scheme so they’re not starting from scratch. I bought my son some books from WHSmiths and he’s found those helpful.
    I don’t plan on recruiting a driving instructor until the CoVid rates decline somewhat, at that point I think it will be helpful.

    I haven’t heard of car o dromes but I’ll have a google

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