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    I split up with ex of 8 years in Feb this year. I moved out in May, and we shared 50/50 custody of our kids (11 and 6).

    I’ve been relatively happy so far. Ex now has new girlfriend which he’s been with a month. I now feel so low and hopeless.

    I feel sick thinking about Christmas this year. Everything has changed, I’m trying to be happy and positive but I’m really struggling. Started making new traditions with kids, making it exciting.

    I’m jealous and angry and hurt. Ex is living his best life with his new girlfriend, it feels like he tells me everything just to gloat.

    I’m so lonely. I want to wake up and it be January. I feel like I really can’t do this.


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    Andrew uk

    Hello. Sorry you are feeling like this. It’s good you see your kids. I’m not seeing mine at Christmas. I saw them for about an hour last year and I gad to get there walking and taxi!

    Have you made plans to be with your kids on Christmas Day? Thus is an opportunity to start afresh, as you said. Come up with some new Christmas traditions. Yes I’m the same and I’m looking forward to January.

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    Andrew uk

    He tells you what he wants you to hear, maybe not the full story, maybe not the truth.

    Tell me about what you have got planned. I will see if i can think of some things.

    Christmas can be the worst time if we let it. I had a great day last year on my own.

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    Hi Rhihan

    I also split up with my ex husband who I was married to for 26 years and the split has been very recent in June this year, it is hard when I hear Christmas adverts on TV or anything to do with Christmas I turn it off, I am going out meeting people, to try and help me through it, but if you want to talk let me know and I can give you my email address, then from their I can give you my mobile number. x

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    There will be lots of shelters open to those who have no where to live . I volunteered at Christmas and I was able to make a difference by working for such organisations like crisis .

    You have nothing to lose but plenty to gain by helping someone who has nothing and no one to speak to .


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    After a lovely Christmas last year I am dreading this one , my ex left me and baby in Feb , my mum has recently died and she was my lifeline this year with all the court stuff … my older kids have no plans to see us , so I won’t be seeing the grandkids either , so feeling very lonely , I’m trying to get into the spirit for my little one but my health isn’t great so it’s a struggle

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