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    1. My husband of 10 years left me at the end of September. We have two children 5 and 1, who still don’t know. Until their dad found permanent accommodation we didn’t want to tell them, they’ve been used to him working funny shifts and not being around much, plus he’s been coming early and still picking up the odd night.
      He’s now found somewhere so the plan is to tell them this weekend and I’m dreading it. It’s also makes this whole nightmare more real and on top of that the thought of not seeing my babies even just a couple of nights a week is heartbreaking. I know I need time for me, but I also need them, they’re the only things keeping me going. Please tell me it gets easier!
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    Oh sweetie, I’m not gonna lie being away from your children may be hard. Iv recently decided mine will stay out 3 nights every two weeks.

    First time I didnt know what to do with myself and when I need to heal I need rest sleep comfort. So one day I had a duvet day watching friends and sony movies I loved it. I cleaned the house did ironing, bought all my childrens favorite food then thought of all the lovely things we could do in the week together and the weekend after . Take your time to get prepared. Visit family and friends. Eventually you will be so busy being free your mind will be quiet and your life will be organised. How lucky will your children be with a happy Mum that has time!

    Happiness and peace all round ☺

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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