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    I don’t really know where to start with this… during the first 4 months of my son’s life we lived with my ex (his dad). My ex was never very nice to our son, would always get stressed with him and get angry if he wouldn’t take a bottle quickly or wouldn’t stop crying. He’d sit him up too roughly to wind him which would make him cry more and was just generally a highly anxious father.

    sometimes I would be in the shower and when I’d turn the shower off I’d hear my son screaming his head off and wonder what was going on. My ex would always say he just “started crying for no reason”. I don’t remember the particular occasion that I took a video recording on my phone but I know that I must have gotten so frightened of what was happening when I wasn’t in the room that I thought I needed to somehow document it. I have a video that I took whilst walking into the front room where my ex had our son on his lap and he picks him up in such an unsafe and unkind way which causes him to cry/scream.


    i have serious doubts about how my son was treated by his dad. He’s taking me to court because I won’t allow him to have our son overnight because he lives 4 hours away.

    im so scared that the court will allow my son to go to stay with his Dad and of how he’ll be treated. I think he may stay with his wider family anyway but I’m still concerned of his safety.


    what can I do?

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