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    On Sunday night my husband (who I’ve been with for 6 years) decided he’s leaving me. He says he doesn’t love me anymore although he doesn’t even know why or what the problem is. He doesn’t want to even try at our marriage. I’m really struggling with this as I thought our relationship was fine and happy until a couple of weeks ago. Now I’m facing the very real reality of breaking up and being a single parent. I’m really struggling and I have no idea what I’m even meant to do now with regards to finances bills housing childcare etc. I’ve never even thought about this ever being something I would need to face so I have no idea. It’s hit me hard but I know I need to sort things out for my daughter. So I’m looking for any sort of advice on anything related please.

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    I think you need to talk to a solicitor pretty quickly.

    Will you and the children stay in the house?  Your dh is required to continue to pay the  joint mortgage at least in the interim.

    Do you work? Will you work? What sort of access does he expect for your daughter, 50:50?

    Find as much paperwork relating to your joint finances as you can, and book an hour with a family solicitor. Take Mortgage& pensions statement, savings, bills,  paye tax returns or pay slips.

    Is your child in school yet? Look at the cost of childcare locally? Is there a breakfast or after-school club?

    It’s a horrible situation but make a list of everything you can think of and work through each thing in turn. x

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    On top of the excellent advice Kathy has given you Gingerbread also has a information page on this subject which is well worth a look, you can find it here:

    Hope this helps


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