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    Will try and keep this short , I was a victim of domestic abuse  , I have 2 kids 7 and 12 they witnessed alot , I went through hell suffered alot ,been blamed for his behaviour, since he left over 2 weeks ago hes become mr nice guy  a completely  different guy , I dont understand him at all and I’m finding it hard to get my head round it , the kids seem ok with him , so it’s all a bit strange , has anyone else been in this situation  .

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    Nice to you? Or nice to the world in general?

    If to you, he’s trying to win you back. Don’t be fooled, you know the real person. Your kids do too.

    If to others, he’s trying to convince them that you are the one to blame. Get people on his side. Make you feel uncertain of your own convictions.

    And eventually, if you don’t go back to him, he will need to find a new victim. It’ll be much easier if he can do the “poor me, all on my own since my mad ex left”.

    your kids need you to trust your own judgement.

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    Definitely agree with Kathy, it’s mind games! I went round in viscous circles like this with my ex.

    stick to your guns….. it won’t be long before the nasty side appears again. When I  reported  a domestic abuse incident to the police, they wanted to send me in a course to avoid being sucked back in by his manipulative behaviour.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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