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    hi all

    I am really struggling to hold my tongue with my ex we recently seperated I am a single dad to our 2 yr old boy I have him 90% of the time he lives with me at the moment his mother keeps putting him into nursery when she is suppose to have him when work ask her to work she runs to them and drops the boy I only work 3 days as I work his mothers rest days so I can have him when she is at work and she has him the 3 days I work but she is always asking if my family can look after him or as I say rings up and puts him in nursery I am starting to loose it as it feels that she doesn’t want to look after him but in next breath says she misses him I really do not kno wot to do

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    It sounds as though your ex is under extra pressure from work and is trying to keep her job while looking after her child too.

    She may be struggling financially, and is worried that if she asks you to help, you could use that against her in a custody hearing or to reduce any maintenance.

    If she is under pressure, you getting cross won’t help.  As Anonymous says, it is up to her how she arranges her days, not you.

    So you could offer some  support or you could leave her to sort it out on her own.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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