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    Hi, my partner left us 2 weeks before Christmas. He still lives in the house and refuses to move out, it’s really hard as he digs all the time and can be quite mean.

    My question for anyone that can help is, how do I go about finding a childminder for my 4 children. I work over 40 hours a week and can’t lose my job. I just don’t know what or where to start, can’t sleep or eat properly and struggling to get my head around this.


    Any advise would be appreciated, thanks in advance

    Tori x


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    Hi Tori

    Sorry to hear of your situation !    Cant your partner help you out for childminding? I guess not as youve asked the question of where to find them. You can look online for local childminders. Another thing you can do is let your employers know that your having personal problems as they have a duty of care towards you and should look to help in some way . Do you have any family support? Anyone who could help you through this? Losing sleep and not eating properly i totally get as thats been happening with me too. I know its easy for me to say but try to take one small step at a time as there will be lots to think about and the more thats in your head then the more confusing it all becomes. Take care youll get there in the end


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    Tori , if you go on your council website they will have a list of approved child minders . I use 2 and a  nanny who is now off sick but they are all ofsted registered and  you will find that you are entitled to help with child care from HMRC even during the school holiday s. HMRC will contribute towards registered child minders only .

    You don’t need to struggle with childcare as you will find that most want the children dropped off at their place .  Do not go to website s where you pay to use the service but get the free list from the council’s website. Good luck

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    Hi Tori

    My name’s Sandra, I’m one of the moderators – the Gingerbread helpline  – 0808 802 0925 –  re-opens on January 2nd at 10am, so if you have any questions about your rights and entitlements, do give them a ring

    good luck!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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