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    How do you prove domestic abuse?

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    It depends in what context – are you going to police or court or what? The best way would be to photograph any injuries if you can. As a woman you would be listened to without physical evidence. The other way would be to phone the police immediately after an incident. They’d be there in a shot and the atmosphere would be tangible.

    As I say it rather depends on the circumstances, what you’re trying to achieve, etc.

    I’ve been a victim too, so my sympathies.

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    Women don’t require physical evidence? How is that?

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    I’m going to court

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    It’s not that evidence wouldn’t help, but it’s a simple fact that in court women get the benefit of the doubt more than men. So, are you not with him now? Did you ever go to any organisation or report the issue? Has he got a history of such actions? Have you got a solicitor – are you the respondent?

    I’m kind of in this situation now so I might know a few things that can help.

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    Hi Jasmin3 – I hope you are safe now – if you are in danger please do call 999 immediately.

    There is very good advice about the legal system and domestic abuse available via an organisation called Rights of Women. They have online information and a helpline to get advice on what evidence you will need.

    Please do also call the National Domestic Violence Helpline for support and expert advice. They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    You’re also welcome to call our helpline of course too for support and information.

    Finally, we also have a safety webpage with useful information about domestic abuse, staying safe and getting support and help from organisations who are experts at helping survivors of domestic abuse.

    Best wishes.

    Emily, Gingerbread team

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    No, I am not with him now. I discussed the emotional abuse with my GP. I also have messages to friends and family detailing what the atmosphere was like at home. But I tried to hide the full extent from everyone so now I am concerned. The stress of all of this is making me ill. I do have a solicitor. Finally he has a history of mental health problems. He has hit someone before but I only have verbal evidence of this and no physical proof.

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    Thanks Emily for all the useful information and your support.

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    CAFCASS will contact your GP and will uncover his mental illness through his medical records also. They will also trawl the national database for previous info of criminal offences/hitting, etc.

    Not sure you need a solicitor and they aren’t cheap, but that’s up to you.

    I think you’re in a stronger position than you think.

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    Hey Jasmin

    Glad you are safe.

    The Women’s Aid forum is a really good place to speak with other survivors about their experiences although you’re not allowed to discuss court proceedings there.

    Both the Women’s Aid helpline and the National Domestic Abuse Helpline are brilliant although can be really hard to get through to.  Please do persevere it will be worth it.



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