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    Hi, I have recently joined here. I separated from my husband 18 months ago. We have 2 children together. They both live with me and see their father regularly. He does not have them over night. We had an agreement on maintenance, which worked out well and I received it every month. He has recently become unemployed (not sure of the circumstances) and his maintenance has significantly dropped.

    He then started changing arrangements or arriving early with no prior warning on the days he sees them.

    I have suggested to him that we need to sit down and come to some clear arrangements, but he just dismisses this.

    He has moved in with his new partner who has 3 children, which he is providing for. I have spoken to CMS as he has his own business and has earnings coming in.

    Not sure what to do for the best. I am doing everything for my children and for their best interests, but feel so down, as it is a financial strain.

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    Thank you Solomum, unfortunately i don’t think we will reach an informal agreement, as he is not willing to sit down and discuss matters. I am paying for our divorce and he can not be bothered to reply to either my solicitor or the Court.

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